Self-Guidance In-Person or Online

Take your GRIT to the next level and approach challenges with a rejuvenated faith in your ability to thrive when you get to the other side of the obstacle. When you decide that one of our paths is right for you, the next step is booking a free, one-hour consultation with a member of our team in the Greater Toronto Area.

Performing a detailed investigation of one’s strengths can be difficult because many people create barriers by looking at situations through a lens of fear or doubt. At the Gritty Guru Company, we believe that the longer you spend believing these stories, the less time you will have to find your GRIT.

Our consultants will listen carefully during the initial orientation session to develop an understanding of your unique strengths, obstacles, and opportunities. With this focus, we can help you know, grow, and show your GRIT.

Our three services for individuals reflect the fact that different people are at different places on their paths to self-discovery.

Make an investment into your journey of self-exploration. Call 647-717-GRIT (4748).